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Design Logic

You’re sitting in your first usability class. Chances are, you’ve been assigned Don Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things , and while nothing in there is particularly earth-shattering, it starts to open your eyes to how design impacts everything . Hardware . Services . Correspondence . And of course, user interfaces .

I’ve got a lot to say about design . So read up, and while you’re here, why not subscribe to the design feed ?

Branding Logic

A love for marketing runs in my family, and it plays in so well with my obsession for good design. As is the case with design, bad branding may hurt your message or may go unnoticed. But good branding will be loved .

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Gaming Logic

Just as I was falling out of what I thought was just a gaming phase, I met Vince and roomed with him for 3 years. He brought out the video game enthusiast with me and I’ve been obsessed ever since . My enthusiasum took me to the CMU Game Design course where I learned a thing or two .

With this new blog, I’ll be embracing my inner gamer . Subscribe if you want to play along.

General Logic

Design? Branding? Gaming? Great topics, but the world has a lot more out there to write about. Be sure to check out these other posts . You can also add them to your favorite feed reader .

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