Big Update

Wow… long time no blog. Things have been extremely busy in the last month, and only now are things finally starting to settle down. An update is definitely in order.

First of all, I’ve taken a new job, which means I’m no longer at Microsoft. It was really a tough decision to make - there are lots of really exciting things going on at the Developer Division, including I’m sure no fewer than 50 new initiatives that have been launched in the 3 weeks that I’ve been gone. Ultimately it came down to the new job aligning more with my interests and goals, so I decided to shake things up a little bit.

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What a good time it was to see the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie in the theaters. Now that has been released, Facebook has an ad encouraging me to buy it, which says the following:

The ATHF DVD is full of exciting special features including an 80 minute alternate movie, music videos and a new intro.

I’ve heard of alternate endings, but alternate movies? Isn’t that just an additional feature film? Or could this be the next wave of DVD releases?

A Fowl Competition

Sure, I get to see a bit of wildlife around here. Perhaps the occasional duck…

But it’s not holding a candle to what my parents send me from Hummel Park. I’ve posted a few of these shots before (see here and here ), but the latest shot makes me wish that ducks had a little more character.

See what I mean? Ducks are cute, but they never make you laugh quite like turkeys can.

A Day Off From Blogging

It’s Sunday, and I just discovered a handy feature in how this blog is setup - if I post-date a blog entry, it won’t show up on the blog until that date! That’s pretty neat. So even though you’re reading my 4th of July post on the 4th of July, I’m actually taking the day off from blogging today.

Happy Independence Day!

Photography by Zaiss

I don’t really consider myself much of a photographer. More like an amateur picture taker. Point and Click! That’s why I was so surprised today to get an email from the folks at Schmap Seattle Guide asking to use (well, consider) in the third edition of their guide.

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A benefit to living near Juanita Bay is that you get to explore the walking trails nearby. Nothing too fancy, but this weekend the photographers were out in droves to catch three bald eagles that were flying around. Alas, my cell phone camera is far too crappy to catch a bald eagle… but I did manage to snag a mother duck swimming along with her ducklings!

The Line Between Living and Visiting

How do you know when you’ve lived somewhere, as opposed to just visiting? Is it an issue of time? A month, a year? Or is there a particular action that confirms that you’ve “lived” somewhere… switching over your license, or staying somewhere other than a hotel?

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Don’t Put Off For Tomorrow…

…what you can blog about today! Is this my revitalized push for blogging? Think that if you like (and we’ll see if I deliver), but I’m actually coming at this from the proverb angle.

If you’ve watched the movie Amelie, you’ll know that someone who knows his / her proverbs must be a good person (and if you haven’t seen Amelie, go rent it tonight). Do you know your proverbs? Lisa passed on a little brain teaser called The Genius Test , which a unique way to test your mental skills by asking you to fill in proverbs.

How many can you fill in? After an hour I have 25 on part 1 and 20 on part 2 (which isn’t as hard as the warning would have you believe). Give it a try!

A Dubious Honor

Less than a day after the release of the iPhone, Digg is all aflutter over the first idiot to drop his iPhone . What a special title to have. It looks scary…

… but it didn’t seem to actually break. Good news for all my friends who require clutz-proof gadgets (including myself ).

Update 7/5 : It turns out that not everyone was so lucky . Good thing Apple saw it as a good PR move to replace that one… good joerb Apple!

A Theme Song Should Match Your Strut

Holy cow, this is my first post in May? Man I’m being neglectful.

A lot of people have been commenting lately about Hillary Clinton’s decision to let her support base choose her theme song. Digg, for example, is encouraging a write-in of a Nine Inch Nails song . It’s certainly an interesting choice.

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