Spam Sucks or: How I Learned to Stop Fretting and Upgrade WordPress

It’s true that I haven’t blogged in forever. Perhaps a topic for a separate, future post… we’ll see.

I was actually quite content to let this blog (and my dad’s ) sit out there in the ether, at the very least as a way to capture points in time in our lives (since I’m terrible with taking pictures and organizing keepsakes). But some malicious spammers apparently had other plans.

I got an emergency post from my web host a few days ago. Spam was being sent from their servers, and it was traced back to my account, and what did I know about it. Answer: Nothing. But sure enough, it seemed to be stemming from an older version of this blog. Since it was outdated anyway, I just deleted it straight up.

Fast forward one day, and it turns out the same problem is happening from my dad’s blog. Deletion isn’t an option here, and so I decide it’s time to take a stand and upgrade the WordPress software for both of our blogs.

It’s been a while (longer in the case of my dad’s blog), so I don’t have the auto-upgrade capability handy for either one. And while it’s really not a terribly difficult process, it feels quite heavy – kinda like how you don’t want to go through that stack of mail, even though it’s only five letters… and before you know it, you’re a month behind on mail and now you really don’t want to deal with it.

But here we are on the other side, 99% successful. I’m late to the party, but I love the new WordPress console design, and I’m really looking forward to the auto-upgrade feature. Yet to be determined if the easier upgrade process means I’ll write more.

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