Omaha, Boston, and Horses

As I prepare to leave Boston, I find myself reflecting on where I’ve lived, and the differences between the various cities.

Omaha is often thought of as part of “flyover” country – a different world within the United States. When I was in high school, a girl who transferred in from the coast was afraid she’d be riding horses to school.

Well, that’s one rumor I want to put to rest today. People in Omaha (and the rest of Nebraska) have cars, just like everyone else. What’s more, unlike Boston , we don’t feel the need to explicitly prohibit horses on the freeway – it’s generally understood that they aren’t allowed.

A road sign with no walking, no bicycles, and no horses shown on it

That’s a real sign on the on-ramp to I-95 / Rte 128 in Newton, MA, just outside of Boston. I would think the horse indication wouldn’t be necessary, but what do I know. I guess the culture in Omaha is just too modern for me to understand Boston’s ways.

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