Mailbox Exposed

Coming home the other night, I was greeted by an unusual sight:

And I wondered, why might someone leave their keys behind? Here are a few reasons I thought of.

  1. A single letter was inside, announcing that the mailbox owner had won the lottery. “Screw this stuff, I’m getting all new stuff.” I would so totally do that.
  2. Opening the mailbox opened a portal to another dimension. The owner was sucked in, and the portal promptly closed.
  3. A sudden phone call saying there was free pizza just outside, but only if the owner hurried. Once outside? “Oh, you got punk’d!” And the owner is still locked out to this day.

Or maybe it’s just that the owner of the keys was absent-minded. Yesterday, I went into Subway, bought a sandwich, paid, and made it to my car before I realized I didn’t have my food. I guess that could be the more obvious explanation. Even still, I waited around long enough to get my mail and take the picture. Surely the missing keys would have been noticed when he/she was locked out of somewhere.

What do you think?