Five Things To Do When You’re Sick

I’ve been under the weather over the past couple weeks (which explains the lack of posts if, like my manager, you’ve been craving new content. She said she understood, but also mentioned that a colleague was blogging more frequently… you know, in that “Guess who’s getting the bigger bonus” way. Thanks Susan). At times you can’t do much besides lay on the couch and idly watch Law & Order reruns, but there have been some good distractions worth sharing.

  1. Reading Blogs : I’ve been using Google Reader a lot lately.

    Since I use GMail to manage all of my personal email, using Google Reader to start reading blogs and other content seemed to make logical sense. I hadn’t been using any RSS reader prior, but I’ve noticed that it’s helped me to keep my reading habits up.
    One site that I’ve recently started tracking is , and I’ve noticed the occasional post about how to blog, including this one - . You’ll notice this post is using #1.
  2. Critiquing Blogs : But really, why are there so many postings telling people how to blog? I suppose they’re filling a need: Someone in my LinkedIn network asked what he should blog about. Maybe he should read that post. But most of the responses made more sense: Blog about whatever you want to blog about.
    Ultimately I still prefer my original stance . My blogging is for me, and yours should be for you. No amount of blogging tips will make your blog wildly popular. So just have fun.
  3. Improve Your Empathy! Facebook has a newish feature (OK, I think it’s a few months old by now) called the Friend game. Basically you see prompts like this:

    Alright, so to some extent, this tests how well you know your friends, but come on. It’s impossible to know everything that every friend likes. Plus, what do you with prompts like this?

    This is a great chance to improve your empathy. Even the most vague preferences can give away the author in their wording. Sometimes it’s tricky, but it’s a fun challenge nonetheless.
  4. Playing Other Games : The Friend Game got old after a few minutes, so I had to start trying to find other games. Of course I always recommend Vince’s site for some cool games, but having played those (and not being in the mood to get up and move with the Wii), I was on the hunt for some good time wasters. If you’re in the same boat, here are some fun games that have made Digg lately:
    • Sphere . The author requests no walkthroughs until April, so you’ll have to ping me for hints. But as someone who got stuck a couple times, here’s a hint. There are lots of places to click. Explore, explore, and explore some more!
    • Desktop Tower Defense . I have been addicted to this game, despite it’s repetitive nature. Just the right amount of challenge… it keeps me hooked!
    • Geography Quiz ! Surely you’ve heard the statistics that 2/3 of folks in the 18-24 range can’t locate Iraq on a map. Wanting to not fit into that statistic, I’ve been running through this interactive Geography Quiz every now and again. It’s fun, but also shocking that I only can manage around 60% on Europe and Asia. Don’t even ask about Africa.
  5. Redesign Your Blog . “… What? But the blog still looks the same!” Ah, it’s a bit of a spoiler. I have received a few nags that a redesign is in order (plus Jason’s perpetual belief that Wordpress’s easy theming heralds the death of competent blogging, though I tend to disagree), so it’s in the works. Sketches have begun! Stay tuned.

Well there you have it. A bulk of content to make up for a month of silence. Now that I’m done being sick, the blogging should pick up again. Check back!

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  1. On March 19th, 2007 at 8:57 pm, Kayre said:

    geez sam. after getting tired of checking your blog every day to see that you were still “le tired” i started letting up. and now i return to find out i’m days behind!!

    glad to hear you are better tho =)

  2. On March 19th, 2007 at 9:03 pm, zsz said:

    Yeah, what an awkward post to leave front and center for my month-long sabbatical!! It’s weird when you’re under the weather - I started four different entries, but never finished any of them. So now… back up and running!

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