DQ: Swords Releasing One Week Early!!

I was ecstatic to hear that Dragon Quest: Swords was releasing one week early , meaning that the title will be releasing in just one week!!

The game cover of Dragon Quest Swords for Wii

I’ve been a long time Dragon Quest fan, well before I was even aware of the Final Fantasy franchise, which has led me to buy any Dragon Quest game that comes along, even the blatant Pokemon ripoffs . But there’s plenty to be excited about with this game.

This will be the first Dragon Quest game released on the Wii, and they are taking full advantage of the interaction style. It’s entirely first person, so the remote is your sword and the nunchuck is your shield. While that style isn’t at all new or innovative, what I like is the way it’s been integrated with the standard role-playing genre. Much better than past first-person RPGs . On top of everything, the conventions that make the DQ series so gripping will persist in this game, making it that much easier for the game to draw you in.

Check out the video of the demo to get an idea of the controls and game flow for yourself. As for me, I can’t wait for next Tuesday!

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