Behind the Times

I got an interesting email last week:

Wow… it really took Nintendo over 8 months to come to the conclusion that some sort of Virtual Console update would be a good thing? As a Wii owner, I’ve got to say, I’m a fan of the Virutal Console. However, after 3 weeks of checking every Monday, just to be let down because random games from TurboGraphx got added to the mix, checking Virtual Console updates manually became my least favorite part about the whole system.

So what’s a lazy technophile to do? Find a blog feed that showcases the Virtual Console additions every Monday so they’re easy to check.

Nintendo should have been on top of this from day 1, but after being convinced that they didn’t have any location to browse VC releases, I gave up and went feed hunting. It turns out that the email above had a link to all currently-available VC releases , each one with a link telling more about the game. That’s pretty cool, but still pretty obscure. Not to mention the fact that these update emails (which seem to be happening weekly now) come three days after the console updates. Nice, but still not a step up from the immediacy you get from a feed like N-Philes.

Nintendo, I say you’ve gotta step it up with your VC messaging. Shout it from the rooftops! Be your customers’ number one source for all things Virtual Console! And… release Dragon Warriors I-IV to the VC while you’re at it.

Update 12/17/07 : I’ve been getting these emails for a couple months now, and I’m reversing my position. Their timing is variable – sometimes they arrive at the start of the week, sometimes at the end, and other times in between. But they are a great deal more visual than the other sources, and they link to a pretty stellar site that maintains a full list.

Using one of these emails, I realized that Ghost & Goblins was a game I had in my childhood, after repressing it for my Toolbox assignment in Game Design. After buying it and playing for 5 minutes I realized why – It. Is. Extremely. Hard.

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