Game III Gets V Stars

Vince is at it again, recently releasing Game III over at . It’s an interesting approach for split screen gaming, creating a similar game concept in each screen with a similar interaction style but a different story entirely. I think it’s a cool new way to think about gaming - definitely an interesting new puzzle.

The shot below is an example of the interaction between the two games. It’s an interesting challenge to keep two stories in your head simultaneously; the benefit is that you probably know the story that’s in your language by the time you unlock the tranlsations for the other story (unless you speak English and Japanese… then kudoz to you).

You should definitely check it out. Once you do, look for my name on the credits screen, and be sure to enter your finishing code on the game page . As a beta tester, I was one of the first to finish, even though Vince didn’t tell me the page was ready or post my code -cough- so I’m listed as 8th. That’s probably not accurate. And I probably finished fastest.

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  1. On December 3rd, 2006 at 5:07 pm, Vince said:

    Actually, taking a glance at the backend, out of the nine people currently on that list, five of them had a faster completion time* than you. But thanks!!

    Play my game!

    *Completion time is only measured from the end of the introduction scene to the start of the ending scene on the last play-through.

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