I guess Microsoft’s acronym obsession is getting to me.

Squeenix has been on a Final Fantasy sequel kick of late, with titles like Final Fantasy X-2 confusing many, wondering if it should be 12, or 11, when it is in fact read “10, 2.” The FF7 sequel came out recently, and since I had such fond memories of playing FF7 back in high school, I figured the sequel would be worth a purchase.

Boy was I wrong . Aside from all of the legitimate arguments mentioned in that review, my number one complaint is that this “First-Person Shooter with RPG elements” has no RPG elements to speak of, aside from the presence of character levels and the ability to purchase things at a shop – elements that RPGs share with many other genres. Essentially, the FF7 sequel is a bad shooting game with a semi-familiar storyline (I say semi-familiar because the town that I’m currently “exploring” has a name that wasn’t used in the original FF7).

In short, don’t buy it. Not worth the $50 that I dropped. Instead, pay me $25 for it, and then we can both feel less idiotic since we only paid half price.

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  1. On September 4th, 2006 at 7:19 pm, Steve said:

    I’d be willing to pay you $25 for it. =)

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