Lessons from Game Design II

Sadly, today was the last day of Game Design class. I stand by my original stance that it was one of the best courses that I’ve taken. As promised, I have the second half of fun lessons from Game Design.

Between a game design conference, an HCI conference, and a day that I forgot when the shuttle left for the PTC, there aren’t as many as last time, but you should still enjoy it. In quote form this time:

  1. Microsoft came out with this ad campaign in the 90s, suggesting, ‘What if your computer could turn on like a lightbulb?’ WHAT IF IT COULD, YOU IDIOTS? WHY DON’T YOU DO THAT? MORONS!
  2. I hate dustpans! They suck! They’ve been the bane of my existence since I was 5!!!
  3. Swiffer was a sweeping success.
  4. Do you think the very best business people go into the game industry? NO! No they don’t! They’re trading securities in Malaysia or something.
  5. Usability is easier to figure out than playability. [Not a joke – a deep thought that I particularly like.]
  6. With private investors, it’s all about the hype. It’s sad, really… they lose a lot of money.
  7. One of these days, retailers are gonna wisen up to MMOs and say, ‘Hey! We’re only getting the little piece!’
  8. There are lots of good things you can do with waffles! Chocolate waffles, strawberry waffles. Waffles can have toppings…
  9. The key to Location-Based Entertainment is to make it something you can’t get at home. It’s very important. Arcades know it… prostitutes know it…
  10. Bowling is the gold standard of location-based entertainment.
  11. IBM contributed three things to the computer business: The I, the B, and the M.
  12. In juggling, if you’re not dropping, you’re not learning.

Oh, Game Design, what a good class. One thing I will truly miss from CMU.

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