We Have A Winner

If you scoped out the comments on a recent post , you might have noticed that Vince said he solved the Ishihara puzzle offered up in my blog a week ago. Here it is again to remind you:

And here is Vince’s email to me when I told him to prove that he’d solved it:

It was obviously morse code, but I didn’t know the rules of the contest. I assumed you were sat in a room and not allowed to use any resources… so I assumed that I could solve it without any knowledge of morse code. Staring at the colors and blurring my eyes didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere, so I checked the rules on the website. Oh! I can use the internet! I busted out a morse code table, broke the bits down into their color components and:”Where does the black pearl dock?” I didn’t need google for the answer: The Isle de la Muerta.

I wouldn’t trade my team that day for any other, but my undergrad roommates Vince and Eric were some mad crazy puzzle solvers. Microsoft should sponsor this event at UNO sometime.

Incidentally, the answers to some of the puzzles have been posted on the . Reading them makes me think, ‘Crap… so close… on so many.’ Especially the Fill in the Blank puzzle. One threesome was supposedly meant to be left blank, when it clearly referred to Alfred Hitchcock movies. That’s lame.

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