A Puzzling April Fools Day

I’ve tried my hand at a few April Fools Day pranks, but in all they weren’t very exciting. It’s tough to live up to Vince’s closing journal entry from last year, which left everyone guessing if the news he’d been hyping for a month was true. (It turned out to be).

I decided to resign myself to working on puzzles for the day. Today happened to be the , a Microsoft-sponsored events where students in groups solve puzzles for prizes. Check out the scores if you want – we were 8th in the middle of the day, and decided to quit early when we were 13th (these puzzles were tricky). We ended up dropping to 21st because we stopped solving puzzles, but in all, it was fun.

I’ll leave readers with our group’s favorite puzzle from the event, called Ishihara:

Anyone want to take a try solving it? No fair asking people who participated since they already know. Fewer than half of the teams got this one right, but give it a shot!

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