Lessons from Game Design I

Game Design is, hands down, the best course I have ever taken. I don’t mean any disrespect to past professors… lots of classes have been great (especially Cognitive Psych), and my speech professor from freshman year of undergrad was pretty stellar, but they just can’t hold a torch to the subject matter.

Plus there’s no end to the interesting facts I’m learning in Game Design (ordered for the professor’s pleasure):

  1. You can do anything you want. All you have to do is say you can do it. (“I AM a bank robber!”)
  2. Outer space is only 60 miles away. If we could drive straight up, we’d be there in an hour.
  3. It really is funny how wires make everything ugly.
  4. You might think that sugar cookies would be the most common type of cookie left for Santa Claus, but in fact, it’s oatmeal.
  5. Rock-Paper-Scissors is an interesting game.
  6. … and Pac-Man was a revelation on the planet Earth.
  7. Threatening to shoot people who fall asleep seems to be a good incentive to prevent sleeping in class. (Or maybe it’s because the professor is friggin hilarious.)
  8. Human eyes have whites in them to convey emotions, and because humans are predators. Two very fun reasons.
  9. Dogs and humans are the only animals with eyebrows.
  10. Dice bounce, and as such, make poor bean bag substitutes.
  11. There are nasty-looking bacteria on my eyelash (making me want to pluck them out, by the way).
  12. Apparently, there are 17 different ways for a TV show to jump the shark , including any that begin with “A very special ____.” So, ER has jumped the shark like 20 times now, yeah?
  13. There is not a rule in Monopoly that suggests that people collect money from “the pot” after landing on Free Parking. Anyone who plays with that rule is ruining the game.
  14. There’s apparently a Harpo Marx living inside of everyone’s head. Don’t let him operate heavy machinery.
  15. The word “interesting” can be an action verb as well as an adjective (interesting – the act of increasing the interest of something).
  16. With practice, you too can predict that the ideal microwave heating time for a bit of leftover food is 1:28 at heating level 9. Of course, just pressing 1 min & + 30 sec saves the 2 seconds you spent pushing 5 extra buttons, but who’s counting.

And it’s only been 1/2 the semester. I’ll keep notes for a second posting in May.

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  1. On March 4th, 2006 at 12:05 am, Sarah said:

    Hi. As someone who has actually had eyelashes plucked at the eye doctor’s, I want to beg you to reconsider. No amount of invisible bugs are worth that, sachaRY!

    I am very upset and since you are not on instant messenger right now I am going to use your blog comment space to freak out for a moment. Guess who IM’d me AGAIN saying only “Sup Sarah.” And then I shot him.

    Actually, last night I finally saw American Psycho. So now I feel like all my neighbors or people I see on the street might seem normal and actually have dead bodies in their closets. So I started to freak out that if I kept ignoring him completely he’d break in and slit my throat in my sleep or something. :-P So I talked to him for a few minutes but was intentionally boring and kept it short.


    Sorry this was long and horrible, and I’m sorry I didn’t get home in time to reply to your IM about today’s events. I guess you have left for home already but I will talk to you later and I hope you have a good trip!

    And yes–you are right that I don’t deserve to be your friend anymore after the Aquamarine comment. Even as a joke that was obscene. :-)

    Bye for NOW!

  2. On March 8th, 2006 at 5:46 pm, Jenn said:

    i was going to make a list too! but probably not numbered! jesse would be displeased!

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