Death, Destruction, & Goldfish

Vince XII is at it again. On Valentine’s Day, he released a game about, as the title implies… death, destruction, and goldfish. I personally prefer my Valentine gifts in heart-shaped boxes, but hey, I’m sure his wife was quite proud.

Anyway, check out Spooks , the second of twel - sixteen games at XII Games. (Seriously V, what’s going on with that. You’re messing with people’s heads). An ideal game for Game Designers looking to add on to their Toolbox.

It’s an exe, so I’m guessin Mac users are out (though not for Anna apparently, so check that out). Also, an update from the - apparently Vince won Best Documentation for Anna. Well done, Vince!

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  1. On March 14th, 2006 at 9:51 pm, Vince said:

    Actually, both will work on the Mac. You have to download the OSX runtime engine from

    I’ll eventually get around to uploading more Mac friendly versions and updating the website with better instructions.

    And it wasn’t a Valentine’s gift for my wife, here in Japan, only the men get gifts on V-day! What a beautiful country! Finally, I didn’t design Spooks, I just coded it.

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