Vince IS a Game Designer

If you explore my links in the right column, you may have stumbled upon Vince’s blog that he kept for the first few months he lived in Okinawa. I caught up with him last night, and apparently he’s been pretty busy doing some game design.

I recently wrote about a hopscotch game that I made in one week. In one week, Vince made Anna . I played through it last night, and I think it’s a pretty awesome game (a little short, but did I mention that he did this entire process in one week ?).

My favorite part – the puzzle (link requires Java). Back in the days of 220 (that was our room number in Scott Hall), we had a Towers of Hanoi model and we would practice it. So I flew through that puzzle super quick… but… the average gamer is probably not like me.

Vince talks up the game here , and it’s also showcased on AGS , where it has been nominated for a handful of awards, including best non-player character, Anna (which I find impressive considering that’s based entirely on Vince’s clever dialog).

I don’t know how it works on a Mac, but regardless, you should definitely check the game out. And give Vince applause when you love it!

Oh, the title… it’s a reference to an exercise on the first day of my Game Design class. The professor asked how many of us were game designers, and when only two people raised their hands, he said we needed to think positively. The interchange went like this (with cuing from the instructor’s powerpoint):

Jesse: Just say it – ‘I am a Game Designer.’
Class: I am a Game Designer.
Jesse: No you’re not.
Class: I AM a Game Designer.
Jesse: What do you design?
Class: I am a GAME Designer.
Jesse: You mean you play games.
Class: I am a Game DESIGNER.

So yeah. Vince IS a GAME DESIGNER. Booya.

Edit on March 12 : I saw Vince online today and wished him a Happy Birthday, a bit early. He apparently won the award for Best Documentation for Anna! It is pretty kick ass, honestly. Also – he said it works on Macs, just with a few problems. So Mac users… try it out!

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