Doorstops: Now Even Tastier

The number of ads and other links in my GMail seems to be growing at a daily rate, but occasionally the random articles it pulls out of the ether are pretty entertaining, including this one .

Apparently, someone made an X-Box controller out of chocolate (does it work? Probably not for long-term use, as may be common for first-person shooter games… I know my palms get sweaty, they’d melt the chocolate). Well, this article details the folks at a European branch of Microsoft trying to make an X-Box console out of chocolate. Functional even.

Would you imagine a chocolate X-Box costing more or less than it’s metal counterpart? Chocolate is probably cheaper than standard X-Box parts, but does that much detail work bump up the price? While I think the venture is interesting, I could see myself slowly nibbling away at the X-Box over time (just one more bite… it won’t hurt anything…) until eventually it didn’t work anymore. Then it really would be a doorstop.

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  1. On March 1st, 2006 at 7:04 pm, Jenn said:

    willy wonka won’t approve! things like that aren’t meant to be made of chocolate! not with the heat of the game!

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