Hopscotch and Soda

It’ll be a Before & After puzzle in Wheel of Fortune. Just you wait.

I’m sorry for not posting in a week. I’ve been busy playing hopscotch. In reading that, you probably reacted the same way my friend Sarah did when I asked her to play hopscotch with me. I wasn’t kidding then, and I’m not kidding now. I’ve been playing, musing about, or writing about hopscotch.

I mentioned earlier that I was taking a course in Game Design this semester. The first assignment started us off by having us redesign the game of Hopscotch. The process? Brainstorm 50 possible modifications (give it a shot, my brain cried uncle at 32, and I had to take a break), then create 3 games from those modifications, develop one fully, and play it with some friends. My new and improved Hopscotch? Hyper Square Hopscotch. It starts as normal hopscotch, but as players make it through a turn, they draw a card, which in turn modifies a square of their choice. The cards were wacky (I must have been on something), requiring some weird jump from the selected square to the next one. Can you do the YMCA inside of one hop? It’s trickier than it sounds.

The random ideas that usually come to me for blogging aren’t coming as frequently this semester, probably because I’m doing lots of small things (as opposed to a few big things). So I might reproduce more stuff from Game Design here (if I think it’s fun) to keep the reading frequent. Otherwise, I’m bound to think of something. Until next time!

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  1. On January 28th, 2006 at 4:54 am, Sarah said:

    WOOOOOO a mention in your blog! I’m famous!

    Someday when you win the Nobel Prize for innovation in hopscotch design, don’t forget that I was your talented and highly coordinated assistant!

    I didn’t IM you tonight because your away message says “dejame paz,” which I seem to remember meaning “leave me in peace.” But I hope everything is okay–is it? I suppose leaving you this message is sort of indirectly bothering you, but since you have the option of not reading it, I feel that it’s relatively safe. :-)

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