Something Amiss?

Everyone makes mistakes, and that goes for me too. If you’ve noticed something that looks like a mistake, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me a comment about it below. If you want something to watch out for, here are a couple things:

  1. Links : All posts from before February 2008 were migrated from the prior iteration of this blog, “BLOG by zaiss.” A lot of changes happened during the migration, so links from one post to another all needed to be updated. I might have missed one. If you find one, kindly let me know.
  2. Flow : My goal is to have categories that stand on their own as blogs, with the homepage serving to combine the categories for those who want to follow the blog in its entirety.
    I thought long and hard about how to structure the experience for different audiences, but nothing beats legitimate user feedback. If you have feedback, let me know!

And, of course, thank you for reading – especially for taking the time to give feedback. I appreciate it immensely.

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