How Safari Distinguishes Tabs

I always keep my eyes open for interesting designs or interactions, but I find the subtle touches to be the most interesting, even if they are the hardest to spot, or the least appreciated.

Take how Safari handles tabbing. As part of an early draft of my portfolio redesign , I was considering including a brief blurb from my latest blog entry, so I was researching how to make an RSS feed reader in PHP. I referenced a 2-part article from Scratch Projects ( Part 1 , Part 2 ).

If you check each of the articles, you’ll notice that their titles are largely the same; only the part number distinguishes them. In fact, they’re both open right now in Firefox, and I can’t tell the tabs apart.

Someone working on Safari must have considered this case. With only one article open, it looks like you would expect:

A screen shot of Safari tabs, showing the title of the first part of the article

But with both articles open, it cuts out the redundant information, only showing what you need to tell them apart:

A screen shot with both parts open; the titles on the tab read Part 1 and Part 2 to distinguish them.

Very nice…

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