An Omahan for May Day Jeopardy

Everyone needs to watch Jeopardy tomorrow and root for Hayley. Not only did she grow up down the street from me, but she’s incredibly bright and will probably clean up tomorrow. Check it out!

My Blog is a Dejected 2-year-old

It sat there so innocently. “Hey, guess what day today is?” it would ask, hoping to spur my memory. “Uh… Thursday?” I responded without thinking. I was too distracted with work to notice that it went off to cry in the corner.

Yesterday was, in fact, my second anniversary with blogging . What did I have planned to mark the occasion? Maybe an unveiling of a previously spoiled redesign ? Perhaps a cool new section for the blog that’s been in the works for a couple months? Yeah… none of that is actually ready right now… -sheepish grin-

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Pretty In Pink

It’s been a couple weeks since the prank, but I promised pictures to some of you (plus it’s too good to pass up). My manager recently took a trip to Hawaii for a wedding. Since I had been threatening to prank her office since… I think… before I even officially started?… I figured it was time to make good on the threat. Another of her reports and I decided that pink was the way to go, and what a coincidence! Pink sticky notes abound in the Microsoft supply rooms. Let the redecoration begin…

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Lame Math Pastimes

What’s sad is that I actually do this , but while driving for long distances on road trips.

For each mile marker you pass, factor it into primes. Easier on the west end of an even-numbered interstate; more difficult as you travel east. It’s great for keeping your mind awake. Unless you hate math… then it might be great for falling asleep at the wheel.

Die Hard… Mac Lovers?

Hey, there’s a new Die Hard movie coming out. Being a fan of the first three, I’m definitely going to go see this when it’s in the theaters! Especially since I didn’t get to for any of the first three (which is to say, my parents did not , in fact, take me to see a Rated R movie when I was 6, 8, or 13).

At first I was concerned about Bruce Willis pulling off the same character 10 years after the last film, but the preview convinced me. As for his co-star, on the other hand…

Here’s the caption. BW: “OK, I’m going to go bash the bad guys with this red metal bar in my hand.” Mac Guy: “And I’ll make a delightful photo slideshow of the scene with my new iMac!”

… But Kevin Smith is in the movie, so that should more than make up for it.

Mailbox Exposed

Coming home the other night, I was greeted by an unusual sight:

And I wondered, why might someone leave their keys behind? Here are a few reasons I thought of. Read more…

Five Things To Do When You’re Sick

I’ve been under the weather over the past couple weeks (which explains the lack of posts if, like my manager, you’ve been craving new content. She said she understood, but also mentioned that a colleague was blogging more frequently… you know, in that “Guess who’s getting the bigger bonus” way. Thanks Susan). At times you can’t do much besides lay on the couch and idly watch Law & Order reruns, but there have been some good distractions worth sharing. Read more…

But I Am Le Tired

I work so hard sifting through all your email content to try and come up with some interesting stories that you might want to read after you’re done replying to all that email that you get. But do you even bother to glance up? Let alone click one of the many links I have to offer? Not once! Well, if it’s all the same to you, I’ll just let you put your own links up here. Not that you ever will. You ungrateful jerk.

At least, that’s what I assume the little news strip on the top of my GMail is saying since it’s defaulted to the “Customize” message for the past day.

Give Me Money

While I’m all about the Web 2.0 movement, “beggar” was one word I did not expect to see Web 2.0-ified. It’s small in scope but apparently quite effective… check it out .

I, however, am too lazy to create a Web 2.0 interface. Will you permit me to skip that and just send me your money?

Navigating the Interweb

With the vast number of tubes making up our current Internet these days, you may find it difficult to know exactly where to go to find your information. (Besides here, of course. Your one stop shop for everything that springs from my mind. You’ll not find it anywhere else!)

Despite the sarcasm, the point is actually one that I’ve struggled with for quite a while – since back when I lived with Vince , actually, and he would spend an hour each night on the computer reading before going to bed. I would always think that was interesting. Surely there’s enough content on the Internet to keep you up for an hour (or more) every night, but where do you go to make sure it’s actually worthwhile content?

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