Spam Sucks or: How I Learned to Stop Fretting and Upgrade WordPress

It’s true that I haven’t blogged in forever. Perhaps a topic for a separate, future post… we’ll see.

I was actually quite content to let this blog (and my dad’s ) sit out there in the ether, at the very least as a way to capture points in time in our lives (since I’m terrible with taking pictures and organizing keepsakes). But some malicious spammers apparently had other plans.

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100 Things to Try Before You Die: Seattle Edition

Update : The Seattle 100 is now an application on Facebook. , keep track of your progress, and share with your friends!

A while back, a friend posted a link to . My mouth watered as I read over the list, but alas, it was all quite superficial since I didn’t have any familiarity with these restaurants.

I shared the article on Yelp Talk , and much to my surprise, the Seattle Yelp community started filling in a similar list for Seattle! Little did I realize at the time, however, that a similar list had been formed a few months prior. I’ve merged the two together, nixed duplicates, and added a few of my favorites to give a list similar to what they offered for San Francisco. Enticing photos included!

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This Week’s Recipe: Hot & Sour Soup

I’ve been chatting with a few friends about my recent cooking adventures. Lately, I’ve tried to explore one new recipe each week. When I look for a recipe, I need it to be: (1) high in protein, which usually requires a recipe alteration, (2) loaded with veggies (since they’re hard enough to work in when you’re busy), and (3) something that will be good enough for leftovers, since I usually cook for one.

I’ve been itching to record and review my different experiences, and I guess bringing back my blog is a great place for that! Plus, I was inspired by a friend of a friend posting pictures of his cooking escapades on Facebook. Hopefully my pictures will look half as delicious… =X

On to the recipe!! It’s adapted from one of my old 20/20 packets, which in turn was adapted from Jane Brody’s Good Food Gourmet . Read more…

Wishing for a Better Explanation…

When I was in 4th grade, I broke my wrist during the winter. I remember visiting the extended family and showing off the cast. My cousin asked me what had happened. I explained that I had been over at a friend’s house, and as he started to make a snowball to throw at me, I went to stop him, only to slip on the ice and land on my wrist.

“No, no, no,” my cousin said. “A cast that big, you need a good story to go along with it. Something about defending a helpless person against a gang of hooligans, and you managed to beat them all up, but broke your wrist in the process.”

Along those lines, I’d like to tell you that there was a big, important reason that my blogs been throwing errors for the past two months. Something to do with upgrades at Site5, or new management, or aliens taking over the server. But sadly, my support ticket was answered within 10 minutes , stating that the permissions on a couple files were wrong, but now they were working correctly.

And once again… we’re back.

During recent downtime, I’ve been thinking about whether a blog was something I wanted to invest in. My love for writing has not gone away, but thankfully Yelp has been a good outlet . I’ve even used it to archive past , if you want to quickly catch up to what I’ve been doing since I last blogged.

But in the end, Yelp isn’t enough. There’s more to writing than reviews!! So the blog is resurrected, and inspiration willing, so is the content.

Settling In

It’s been a hectic month, but I’ve managed to settle in over on the west coast. As part of moving across the country, I decided I wanted to take the step up and buy instead of rent. I’ve ended up with a great condo in Capitol Hill, and I wanted to show my readers! Pictures (and a 4th of July Fireworks video) after the jump.

Top 10 Ways You Know You’re Ready to See Eddie Izzard Live

It’s an exciting week for me. I’m starting the new job tomorrow, and I’m taking off on Friday for a joint Mother’s Day & Father’s Day gift: Driving with my parents to Kansas City to see Eddie Izzard live.

If you know me, you know that I’m an Eddie Izzard fanatic. If you think you are too, then run through the abbreviated checklist below, and see if you’re ready to see him live. Read more…

Omaha, Boston, and Horses

As I prepare to leave Boston, I find myself reflecting on where I’ve lived, and the differences between the various cities.

Omaha is often thought of as part of “flyover” country – a different world within the United States. When I was in high school, a girl who transferred in from the coast was afraid she’d be riding horses to school.

Well, that’s one rumor I want to put to rest today. People in Omaha (and the rest of Nebraska) have cars, just like everyone else. What’s more, unlike Boston , we don’t feel the need to explicitly prohibit horses on the freeway – it’s generally understood that they aren’t allowed.

A road sign with no walking, no bicycles, and no horses shown on it

That’s a real sign on the on-ramp to I-95 / Rte 128 in Newton, MA, just outside of Boston. I would think the horse indication wouldn’t be necessary, but what do I know. I guess the culture in Omaha is just too modern for me to understand Boston’s ways.

My recent free time has found me cleaning, organizing, and tackling projects that have been on the back burner for far too long. Top on that last list: Cataloging and posting my pictures from my trip to Spain with Shipra last September.

Even though it’s old news by now, some of the pictures are pretty cool. Even if you saw them on my iPod, I’ve added commentary and interesting facts, so you should take another look. You can browse if you want; after the jump, I go through some of the highlights.

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Portfolio, Banking, and Other Tidbits

Yes, I know it’s been a couple weeks. It’s actually been a big couple of weeks, but more on recent developments coming soon. In the meantime, my 12 half-written blog posts were giving me the evil eye, so yet again, I’ve returned to my neglected blog.

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I am Jack’s Intriguing Movie Theory

Edit: This post deals with a theory about the movie Fight Club. In discussing the theory, the ending is revealed (after the jump). If you haven’t watched Fight Club… well, why haven’t you? But you may want to avoid reading this until you have.

As someone who has an outside-the-norm view on a few movies, I really enjoyed reading this interpretation of Fight Club . It’s almost seven years old, but it was new to me, and I thought it was great.

The idea is that the movie Fight Club is a continuation of the Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, some 15-20 years later. The author offers a lot of great comparisons, and overall it’s very enjoyable reading.

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