Who Loves Ya?

What? What do you mean , not me?! Just cuz I tend to blog in waves, and had a bit of downtime earlier… gosh, you’re all so picky… Look on the bright side. I’m back blogging again, which means at least another 2 weeks of posts. Or… not. We’ll see what happens.

Actually, the correct answer to the question is Flickr. In what must be a new marketing move, I noticed a new, subtle message in the latest Flickr logo :

Flickr and its users, sitting in a tree…

Seriously, though, this is an interesting marketing tactic. Sure you could post your pictures online with Picasa , or Shutterfly , or Zoto , or Zoomr (though Zoomr is confusing - the big link says Discover but the logo says MasterCard). But do any of these sites love you?

Flickr loves you. And that should count for something. And I believe it counts for… being out of beta?

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  1. On August 11th, 2007 at 6:00 pm, Kristopher Tate said:

    Yeah, but will Flickr’s founders personally blog on your post and say that they really love you? :)

    If you use “I love you” too much like flickr does, what’s its worth?

    Zooomr loves its users by allowing everyone to upload as many photos as they want at their original resolution ALL for FREE. We love to help people share experiences in over 15 languages, too.

    Talk is cheap, we show all of our users our love.

    kristopher tate
    cto & founder, zooomr

  2. On August 11th, 2007 at 8:17 pm, zsz said:

    Aw, Kristopher, I hardly even know you and you’re already professing your love. You’re too sweet.

    The points you make are good ones, and it makes me wonder why I’m paying money for light gray difficult-to-see announcements of love, when I agree that your actions speak volumes.

    And, apologies if I was snarky about the logo. Seriously, that was the first thing I thought when I stumbled on the site today - it took me a couple minutes to figure out why I was having cognitive dissonance on your homepage, and suddenly there it was!

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