Prepare to be underwhelmed. The desktop of the future (short vid, medium vid, full vid) looks a lot like Mac OS X. By the desktop of the “future, ” they must mean the next year or so, because the one interesting, functional new feature that I can find is the concept of putting multiple desktops on the face of a cube, so you can have windows on multiple, identical desktops. I say the “future” is coming in the next year or so because that feature is exactly what Mac is striving for in OS X.5 with Spaces.

A screen shot of Macs new OS feature Spaces

As a Mac user (don’t tell my employer), I think the desktop shown in the videos is cool. But is that really all we can do in the future? One cool new idea (spaces) and a bunch of meaningless aesthetic improvements (a physics engine for moving windows and “wrapping” windows around multiple desktops)? What can we do to account for larger screen sizes? What about a new device to interact with the computer instead of a mouse and keyboard?

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  1. On September 6th, 2006 at 4:47 am, Eric said:

    Gnome and KDE have had the whole “multiple desktop” thing for ages. They probably stole it from something else that had it even long before. So, I wouldn’t even say that is a “new” feature. It looks like all they’ve done is given X windows some openGL capabilities. Which is cool because I like eye candy, but far from futuristic.

    Also, it is impressive to see some of these window animations the first few times, but after a while you’re just like “I get it, now hurry up and minimize my window.”

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