A while back, I received a new credit card in the mail, and I thought there was some kind of mistake…

My credit card with no branding up top.  All key info is also blocked out

The card was missing any sort of branding! Doesn’t it look naked without it?? A few weeks later as part of my credit card bill, I got what I think was some sort of explanation:

Recently, a mutual business decision ended our affiliation with your association. FIA Card Services will continue to handle your account. We remain steadfast in our commitment to one goal: Satisfying you, our customer.

Wow… ended their affiliation with my association? I realize it’s just saying that they aren’t partnering with my bank anymore, but it sounds a little worse than that. But also I wonder – surely FIA has other sponsors that they could use to brand a credit card… something subtle? Or on the other end of the spectrum, perhaps a Hello Kitty card? Not really subtle, but at least it would be something other than a plain, blank silver card.

I suppose that isn’t as bad as my second card… when I went to pay my bill this month, this is how they listed my account:

A screen shot from my credit card billpay site that lists my account as ACCT TYPE DESC NOT FOUND

Does that remind anyone else of my favorite Futurama episode?

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